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115 East Spring Street, Suite 200
New Albany, IN 47150


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A Good Fit?

That depends. Just as no people are alike, not everyone makes sense for Seven Sages, and we’re probably not for everyone. Here are three ways to tell if we might be a good fit for each other.

We’re All Ears.

You might think that a financial advisor exists to tell you what to do. At Seven Sages, we take a different approach: we listen more than we talk. And when we do, two great things happen. First, we simply get to know you better, allowing the relationship to flourish. Just as important, we can dive deeper into your dreams and wishes, your goals and aspirations, and your feelings about risk and security. That means we’re in a much better position to help you create a path to the future you want that feels comfortable to you.

We’re All In.

We believe that the better we know you, the better we can serve you. It’s that simple. So we make the time to get to know our clients and develop real friendships. Our office is a perfect example of this philosophy. Instead of a bright corporate environment, you’ll find a relaxed and comfortable setting where you can stop in for a visit, enjoy a beverage and settle in for a chat. Friends helping friends’s a pretty good model.

We’re All-Inclusive.

If it affects your money, there’s a good chance we can help. We take a holistic approach to helping clients that spans the entire range of services including planning, investment advice, risk management and more. If the idea of having one single source of expertise and guidance for every aspect of your financial life appeals to you, Seven Sages Financial Strategies is likely to be a perfect fit.

FINRA’s BrokerCheck Obtain more information about our firm and its financial professionals
FINRA’s BrokerCheck Obtain more information about our firm and its financial professionals